St James of London, premium male grooming

Cedarwood & Clarysage Mandarin & Patchouli

New Product Launch Coming May 2014

Since 1953 we have been pioneers in premium male grooming products. Our authentic shaving formulas have graced the shelves of some of the best barbershop salons in the world.

In celebration of our years of experience in this arena along with our knowledge of working with natural skincare ingredients, we bring you St James of London - an unrivalled regime of natural and skin kind products providing an authentic approach to male grooming.

Our St James of London collection takes the traditions of professional barbershop shaving and presents them in a modern and easy to use regime of pre-shave, shave and post shave products.

The collection provides a choice of fragrance and product formats in each step of the shave regime, offering you the opportunity to create your own individual shaving experience.

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